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Love Island

Love island is a romantic place to take pictures with your partner.

We have several photo spots that are suitable for prewedding sessions, for organizing events, and also for those of you who like photography..

We also provide various packages for your needs in holding an event. Don't forget to visit us for more information.


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Outdoor Prewedding

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Style of the day

"Relaxed and gracefully combined in one view. Use accessories, like statement necklaces and this outfit will work day and night. Then take your photo on Love Island."

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    Love Island Is A Tourist Attraction Located In The Dago Dreampark Area.

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    Love Island price list for admission and photo taking.

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    A collection of exciting photos on Love Island that cannot be forgotten.

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On Love Island you can make a prewedding with your beloved partner. We also provide prewedding packages, photoshoot packages, packages for organizing an event. If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

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  • Nuraeni

    „Very suitable for photos with friends, spacious place, and very unique pinky. In it there is also a photo spot of the dwarf house, spot the masks, and there is a road like a flower bridge. Hits!“


  • Ginna

    „Really love the love island rides one of the rides in Dago Dreampark, romantic outdoor impressions suitable for photos with your partner, hehehe The photo there directly back in the pine forest gt, very funny combined with the decoration of colorful love island rides.“


  • Emma

    „„After searching for several places for pre-wedding photoshoot. Finally, my partner and I decided to choose love island in Dago Dreampark. The place is really so colorful, according to the theme of our photoshoot "dream", and the atmosphere is also romantic, like the results are instagramable 😍““



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